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Advantages of Dedicated  Development Teams With 
iTester Remote Teams

Speedy Set-up

We build a dedicated team for you in no time so that your project can get started as soon as possible.

Just The Right Size

The size of the team would be of your choice based  on your Project needs and Requirements. This can be scaled up or down as you would see fit and as your Project progresses.

No Training Required

Our IT Professionals are well-trained and highly skilled with extensive experiences in their respective fields of Technology. They are ready to start the project as soon as you need.

Administrative & Recruitment Savings

By hiring our Team of IT Professionals of your choice, you would save big on Admin and Recruitment of professionals of various skills for your Projects. We will provide them all - Business Analysts,Software Developers & Engineers, QA Testers and Project Managers. They will work for you at our fully equipped and maintained offices.

Easy Process Management

Our commitment to cost, quality and on-time project delivery are pre-defined and as a result, the Process Management is smooth and efficient.

Dedicated Account Managers

A Dedicated Account Manager will help you with all your Project needs. They will be available to answer your questions and provide you with the guidance you would need.

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